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Choosing Your Virginia Beach Home Builder: 4 Things to Help You Decide

Choosing to build a new custom home for your family is an exciting decision to make, but not one that’s made lightly. When you’ve decided to build the home of your dreams, the most important decision that follows is which custom home builder to trust with the task.

A Google search of new home builders in the Virginia Beach area can be a good first step in the search process, but you’ll find that diving deeper into the results, K.M. Cash Construction quickly sets itself apart from the growing list of options.

Not only are we backed by countless satisfied clients as a testimony to the expert quality of our work, but we’ve built our success over the past 25 years by prioritizing clients, holding ourselves to higher standards, promoting efficiency while remaining detail-oriented – all while establishing ourselves as well-respected members of the Virginia Beach community.

If you’re in the process of choosing your home builder for your Virginia Beach home, below are four things to help you decide who to trust with creating the house your family envisions.

1.Recommendations from Trusted Friends & Family

One of the strongest assets to utilize when searching for a home builder are your closest friends, family, and neighbors. The old adage that word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertisement rings especially true when it comes to choosing a new home builder.

When someone your family knows well can recommend a new home builder from personal experience, you can value that opinion higher than any review you might see online. That’s because somebody close with you will share their honest opinion about their likes and dislikes about a service rendered.

As an added bonus, these friends provide the opportunity to take a look firsthand at the builder’s work. You can ask to view their new home build, and inspect it firsthand, with no pressure or influence, and ultimate transparency.

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2. Lookout for “Red Flags”

It’s very important that you search and listen for criticisms toward a home builder in your community, as well. In your research, you want to make sure you don’t come across numerous client complaints with the Better Business Bureau or the Contractor’s State Licensing Board.

When speaking with a home builder, be wary of estimates that sound too good to be true – likely, they are! These lower-than-normal prices usually translate to a home builder buying inferior materials, not properly following building codes or even a lack of proper credentials to do the work.

On the same token, if the home builder doesn’t present a signed contract, then walk away. A legitimate and trustworthy home builder will always provide you with clear, written communication about what they will deliver to you as the client.

3. Prepare & Ask the Necessary Questions Beforehand

There are many questions that will shed light on if a home builder fits the needs of your family. Some of these questions are if they can build the home you expect within your budget, how they communicate with clients during the construction process, how often you can expect updates, what warranty they offer, and so much more.

Go into meeting a home builder with the intent to properly interview them. Don’t shy away from asking them about the history of their company – how long they’ve been building custom homes, how customizable their home options are, or whether they use modern and updated materials and building processes.

Take time to craft those hard-hitting questions beforehand and you’ll feel much better making a decision afterwards knowing you properly understand the practices of that home builder.

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K M Cash Construction show room
4. Ask for a Portfolio of their Work/ Visit Their Show Room

Quality is vital to being content and happy with your home long-term. By visiting a builder’s show room, you can touch the materials and surfaces such as kitchen countertops, cabinetry, or flooring. You can speak with the builder while viewing the show room to garner insight into their installation process and overall craftsmanship. By doing so, you can confidently go into a contract with a home builder with peace of mind that the home they deliver meets all criteria set by you and your family.

Building your home in Virginia Beach

K.M. Cash Construction is confident that our more than 25 years’ experience in home building allows us to truly go above and beyond for our clients. By choosing us for your new home build in Virginia Beach, you can rest well knowing that the home of your dreams awaits you and your family. To learn more about our building options and more, contact us today at 757-241-6870 and see why we’re Virginia Beach’s first choice new home builder.