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New Home, Same Land. 4 Reasons to Rebuild.  

In today’s notably competitive housing market, inventory is remarkably low and housing prices are sky high as a result. Especially here in the Hampton Roads, where we see a constant influx of people moving in and out of the area because of the large military presence here, the fight to find a home has never been more challenging.

Because of the stress that this market presents, we at K.M. Cash Construction want to provide a solution! Below, we’ve created a list of 5 great reasons why instead of moving into another home in the Hampton Roads, you might instead decide to demolish your existing home and rebuild. Although it sounds jarring and like a more daunting task than a home renovation, read through the reasons below why this might actually be an excellent option for you and your family to consider.  

1. Go Big. Go Home.

Often times when we purchase a home and allow our families to grow into it, we find ourselves wishing or wanting for more space. Whether it’s because of an increased need for privacy – like an at home office – or dedicated space toward your hobbies – such as a home gym – there’s countless reasons why families find themselves browsing the housing market for larger houses. Instead of trying to find a home that fits the ticket on all your wants and needs – build it! No competing with others in this market is an added bonus, absolutely, but the option to truly customize and perfectly curate the home you’ve always wanted, down to the smallest of details, is the real reason this unexpected option can be such a game-changer.
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2. The Layout You Love

When purchasing a home in a chaotic market, we’re also met with a situation in which homebuyers have to make a lot of sacrifices or have to drastically scale back on their lists of “must-haves.”

The layout and flow of a home dictates the overall feeling of your house. From your ability to comfortable hosts friends or guests, to the ability to perform as a functional space for you and your family’s daily needs, it’s a home’s most vital characteristic.

If you’ve found yourself in a home that has a layout you hate, rebuilding on your land gives you the opportunity to design one you couldn’t be happier with. Whether desiring a more open-concept, or a more traditional and segmented approach fits your taste, we at K.M. Cash Construction can build it.

3. Optimize your Land 

Because of the natural beauty of the Hampton Roads, there’s plenty of houses that are settled atop incredible lots of land. If you’ve been able to secure a lot of land that you love, here’s your chance to optimize it and elevate it even more!

Maybe you’d prefer to face a certain view or maybe you’ve thought to yourself that you wish your home sat a little further back from the road. Whatever your desire is, rebuilding on your land allows you the ability to manipulate the orientation of the home perfectly to your wants.

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4. Cost Savings 

Although the task of demolishing your existing home and rebuilding a new one seems overwhelming and maybe even unattainable, it’s actually a great way to find cost savings in such a demanding and competitive market with ever-growing interest rates.

Instead of paying a premium for land now, you were able to purchase a great plot years prior, when interest rates were at an all-time low. So, let’s rebuild. You’ve already got the land! Now it’s time to construct the house you’ve always wanted.

If you find yourself eager for a new home, but aren’t quite finding the option of moving right now feasible for you and your family, give us a call at K.M. Cash Construction to learn more about how rebuilding on your land might be the hidden gem solution within a competitive housing market. With years of experience and countless satisfied clients, we’re your trusted partner in home building in the Hampton Roads. Reach us today at (757) 278-4036 or fill in our form and we will reach out to you.