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3 Reasons to Build Your New Home in Moyock, North Carolina


One of the unique and wonderful locations we offer our expert building services is in the quaint town of Moyock, North Carolina. Nestled quietly in Currituck County, boasting a population of roughly only 5,000 residents, this little town is quickly becoming the fastest growing part of the entire county. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider allowing K.M. Cash Construction to create and build your new dream home in Moyock.

1. Small Town Safety & Charm

The word Moyock is actually derived from Algonquin Native-Americans, and translated, means “place of the oak on the trail.” This description couldn’t be more perfect for this charming town. Located directly on the state line of Virginia and North Carolina, this town is often frequented by travelers who intend to visit the nearby Outer Banks.

This means the area is not only picturesque in its scenic beauty, but it provides countless opportunities for outdoor activities to take part in as a family. Residents of Moyock get the simplicity, joy, and a cherished feeling of safety because of its small-town charm – and that’s something you just can’t find in larger cities with vast populations!

living in moyock nc
NASCAR and Moyock nc

2. Fun History for NASCAR Enthusiasts

Moyock carries with it a rich history in the NASCAR industry, beginning in the 1950s. Racing was hosted at the Dog Track Speedway, and gained massive popularity in the 1960s. 

Both the Moyock 300 and Tidewater 300 were held at this speedway, bringing in countless visitors and spectators to the otherwise mostly silent and still town. In total, the speedway was host to 7 NASCAR Grand National (now known as NASCAR Cup Series) races between the years of 1962 and 1966, before the track’s ultimate closure.

3. All That OBX Offers

Because Currituck County is located by the ever-popular Outer Banks, residents who choose to build a new home here get the best of both worlds: privacy and seclusion, but never-ending fun and entertainment just a short drive away.

The Outer Banks provides an almost overwhelming list of options for dining, entertainment, recreational activities, family outings and more. It’s also home to the historic sight of the Wright Brothers National Memorial! By visiting the National Park where the memorial is placed, visitors can see the successful launching and landing points of the Wright Brothers’ famous flight, and there’s also museums and nearby attractions dedicated to aviation for enthusiasts.

Not only does Moyock have history of its own, but it offers residents the ability to steep themselves in the rich history of its nearby neighbor, the Outer Banks.

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Moyock, NC is the place to call home

Contact K.M. Cash Construction today to see why we’re the right choice to build your dream home in beautiful Moyock, North Carolina. With its charming history and countless opportunities for your family to thrive, it’s a no-brainer why this is the perfect place to settle down and build your forever home!