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Optimizing Your Home’s Entertainment Space

Optimizing Your Home’s Entertainment Space

One of the best things about building your dream home is sharing it with those you love. So let’s optimize your home’s entertainment space! As the central gathering place for holidays and important life milestones and achievements, we at K.M. Cash Construction understand that constructing a new home is truly about providing a space for building memories. Below we’ve compiled 3 ways for you to optimize the entertainment spaces in your home so they can work as the backdrop to these important moments.

1. Open Design for Comfort and Connectedness

When it comes to designing a home that’s best suited for entertaining and hosting, the main area of focus is on an open-floor plan! If you opt for a home that has closed-off living spaces, there’s less room to converse and connect with your guests.

By creating a large and open floor plan – combining the kitchen and living room spaces within your home – you’re allowing not just more room for more guests, but an opportunity for everyone to remain connected while in different parts of the home.

As a host, you’re also able to interact with loved ones mingling in the nearby living room while you’re in the kitchen preparing a meal or refreshments. There are so many ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere when you build your home with an open-floor plan and entertainment in mind.

Optimizing Your Home’s Entertainment Space
Create an outdoor oasis

2. Elevated Outdoor Entertainment Space

Maximize your living and hosting space for entertainment by curating an outdoor oasis. Whether it’s summer barbecues or birthday parties, events of all shapes and sizes can be at their best when you focus on an elevated outdoor design.

Incorporate an outdoor kitchen so you can grill hamburgers and hotdogs with ease, include an in-ground pool for the neighborhood kids to enjoy all summer long, or install a fireplace so you and your loved ones can cozy up around it and enjoy one another’s company on a cool fall evening. This area of the home can be the perfect place to entertain with a little extra attention to detail!

3. Large Island to Gather Around

The Kitchen is popularly referred to as the “heart of the home,” and for good reason. There’s no better form of caring for friends and family than a home-cooked meal made from love. Because of this, the kitchen tends to be a meeting place for one-on-one conversations and is often the focal point of holiday meals and traditions.

By including a large island in your home’s kitchen space, you’re not only being practical in adding storage area for your many kitchen appliances and dinnerware, but you’re creating a central space for building memories. Whether it’s preparing your family’s Thanksgiving meal, or simply a quick breakfast on a Monday morning before school, you’ll find that this area brings everyone together and a large kitchen island is a must-have when building your home.

large kitchen island ideas
Open Entertainment For All To Enjoy
Build a warm and inviting home that’s perfect for entertaining your loved ones with the help of K.M. Cash Construction. With years of experience, we know how to add a personal touch to your home’s design that’s simply unmatched by our competitors in the Hampton Roads. Contact us today >

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