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5 Features to Include in Your Custom Home for Entertaining Guests

Owning a home isn’t just about creating a safe haven for you and your family, it’s also about building a welcoming and safe place for friends, extended family, and others visiting. If you enjoy opening up your home to others or hosting, then below are 5 home features we at K.M. Cash Construction believe to be great options to include in your custom-built Hampton Roads home that will make entertaining easier than ever.

1. Large Kitchen Island

The main gathering space within any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. There’s a reason it’s affectionately called the heart of a home! By including a custom-built, large center island in an open kitchen, you’re creating a central landing place for guests to gather around and enjoy.

Not only does counter seating provide a comfortable space for guests to sit, but the island provides the perfect place for food and drinks, making this location prime real estate for hosting. And as every bit as practical as they are, kitchen islands can also be beautiful and transform the look and feel of an entire home.

large kitchen island idea virginia beach
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2. Main-Level Powder Room

When creating your custom home, don’t forget to provide a main-floor powder room that’s both beautiful and convenient for whoever visits your home. Nobody wants to have guests filtering in and out of bedrooms or other private spaces within their home. Instead, with easy access to a powder room, both you and your guests will feel more comfortable overall.

3. Guest Bedroom Details

If you plan to host overnight guests, family or friends, then the details in your guest bedroom space are key. Consider upgrading the space to include its own personal bathroom with shower or tub. By including this, guests will be treated to their own private space within your home, allowing them to settle in with ease and comfort.

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4. Basement or Bonus Space

Utilize bonus spaces to create additional entertainment spots within your custom home. Maybe include a theatre space if you and your guests enjoy movies, or consider a rec room within a basement space if you enjoy playing a round of pool. There are so many ways to create inviting spaces throughout your home for your guests to enjoy.

5. Outdoor Living Space

Don’t forget to capitalize on the beautiful summers we enjoy here in the Hampton Roads. Create an outdoor oasis for your guests by including a grilling kitchen, a pool, or even an outdoor fireplace. By making your outdoor space an extension of your indoor space, you can create a welcoming atmosphere throughout your entire home that guests will delight in, no matter the season.

Building a custom home in the Hampton Roads is an exciting, huge step for you and your family. K.M. Cash Construction is trusted as your builder of choice due to our years of experience, expertise and client satisfaction. Creating a dream home for you and your guests is just one phone call away. Call us today at (757) 278-4036 to learn more.

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