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Building Your Dream Cape Charles Home for Retirement

One of the most sought-after seasons of life comes when after a long and dedicated career, we’re able to happily retire, place roots and focus on nothing other than relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer. When it comes to choosing the perfect location to retire, Cape Charles, Virginia, is at the top of the list! Below are 5 reasons we at K.M. Cash Construction believe there’s no better place to allow us to build your dream home for retirement than Cape Charles, and why you should get started today!
1. Small Town, Big Opportunity

Cape Charles is a picturesque beach town nestled along the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Because the population holds steady at only a little over 1,000, the quaint town is the ideal location to settle in permanently and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

But if you desire excitement and adventure, this little town packs a big punch too! The historic downtown offers shops of all shapes and sizes, catered to unique hobbies and tastes. From bookstores to ice cream shops, there’s plenty to explore each and every day. And for more adventurous activities, there’s plenty of water sports and activities offered because of the nearby beach!

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2. New Home, Easy Maintenance

The last thing you want to worry about in your retirement is having to keep up with an older, deteriorating home that requires a lot of maintenance. By allowing K.M. Cash Construction to build you your dream retirement home, you’ll spend less time worrying about the challenges of home maintenance, and more time focused on enjoying your new season of life. You’ll also appreciate being able to use your hard-earned retirement savings on experiences and creating memories alongside your friends and family, rather than bothersome home maintenance issues!

3. Award Winning Golf Course 

Going along with the quaint, quiet and stress-free lifestyle that so many crave in this season of life, Cape Charles caters to a very popular sport amongst the retired crowd: golfing! In fact, the golf course at Bay Creek has been recognized consistently by Golf Digest and Virginia Living Magazine as among the best in the state.

According to Bay Creek’s website, “Golf World ranked Bay Creek 12th in its list of top golf resorts in America. And while we appreciate the recognition, the most valued endorsement is from our members who love the Bay Creek golf experience.”

Learn more about this incredible resource and community by visiting their website here >>

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4. Perfectly Curate Your Home to Your Needs

Location is key when wanting to enjoy a more laidback lifestyle in your retirement, but so is creating a home that meets your needs in this season of your life.

It’s no secret that in our older age, we face more physical challenges. Your home should be a sanctuary for you, and one that is perfectly curated to fit your needs and provide maximum comfort. Because of our understanding of this, K.M. Cash Construction is happy to offer diverse floor plans that allow for additional comfort, such as placing the primary bedroom and suite on the lower level of your home – or building a one-floor home entirely!

Don’t let the physical challenges we face in our retirement age stop you from enjoying this amazing season of your life to its fullest potential.

5. Open Plan Living for Entertaining & Guests:

Because Cape Charles is a smaller community, the ability to tap into a close-knit community and broaden your social life is unmatched. K.M. Cash Construction has years of experience with building quality homes designed with this in mind. By allowing for a more open-planned living, your home can not only fit a magnitude of guests, but provide the most convenience and comfort for you as event hosts!

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Cape Charles is the place to call home

Build your dream home today so that your retirement can be enjoyed to the fullest in beautiful seaside Cape Charles. As a leading construction company in quality, customer satisfaction and experience, we at K.M. Cash Construction can ensure your Cape Charles home provides a modern, practical and incredible atmosphere for this new season of rest and relaxation! Contact us today.