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Living in Cape Charles, Virginia: Charming, Historic Community with Modern Luxury

Cape Charles is a small seaside town settled along the coastline of the Chesapeake Bay, on Virginia’s beautiful Eastern Shore. Its charm is undeniable, with its recognizable historical features drawing beach-goers and visitors from all over the country to its sandy shores and picturesque main street shops. 

Aside from the visual and historical charm of the community, there are countless benefits to choosing Cape Charles as the destination of your custom-built K.M. Cash Construction home. Below are just a few of those standout reasons why you should settle on this seaside town for your forever home.

Coastal Living, Without the High Cost Beach towns are notoriously expensive destinations not just for tourists but for those looking to set roots in a seaside community or wake up daily to views of the sea. Often times, deciding to build a home at the beach means sacrificing a few things in order to afford the location itself. However, Cape Charles is a reasonable destination for coastal living.

With an average cost of living of roughly $37,000 for an individual adult, this community falls under not just the statewide average cost of living in Virginia, but the national cost of living as well, according to 24-7 Wallstreet (View article here >>).

Knowing this, our clients can build a home in Cape Charles knowing that the decision to do so won’t keep them from being able to enjoy the atmosphere, luxury and adventure opportunities available to them here.

Award-winning Community
Cape Charles is a hidden gem as far as beach towns, but it doesn’t completely fly under the radar. In fact, it’s been recognized nationally by magazines such as Southern Living as the Best Little Beach Town in Virginia, and by Coastal Living as America’s Happiest Seaside Town in 2018. Cape Charles has also earned countless “best of” titles within Virginia Living’s Best of Virginia awards, most notably in the past two years. Among those awards are also many Cape Charles businesses of the community – such as restaurants – further highlighting the countless unique businesses, stores and features of this seaside town.
Cape Charles Harbor and Marina
A unique feature of Cape Charles is the depth and complexity of its harbor. Able to accommodate deeper draft vessels, the harbor is the perfect space to store your boat, hosting 95 slips and four T-heads, accommodating up to 120 feet. An added bonus, it’s convenient walkability to everything in town! If boating is a passion of yours, you certainly have plenty of resources to accommodate your hobby in this Chesapeake Bay town. There’s even a Yacht Club in Cape Charles to build comradeship among mariners in the area.
Cape Charles Marina

K.M. Cash Construction is your premiere choice when considering who to hire to build a custom home in the Cape Charles, Virginia, area. Allow us to create a home built at the highest quality, in a seaside community that is award-winning, beautiful, full of opportunity, and a great investment overall. Contact us today by calling us at 757-241-6893 to get started.