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5 Luxury Features to Include in Your New Home

When you make the decision to build a new home, you’re given the opportunity to pick and choose each design feature so that you create the home you’ve always wanted. Although the large number of choices you have can be overwhelming, we at K.M. Cash Construction are here to help. By including one or more of these 5 luxury design features we’ve put together below, you can elevate your home’s living space visually while also maximizing your home’s enjoyment for you and your family.

1. Pool

If you’re custom-building a new home in the Hampton Roads, chances are, you and your family absolutely love the water and our many beautiful surrounding beaches. For added luxury in your home, why not bring that feature right to your back yard?

By investing in and building a one-of-a-kind pool area, you’re creating an outdoor oasis for you and your family. It’s a luxury that you’ll certainly enjoy each and every day of the summer, and a space you can customize for your exact needs

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2. Wine Cellar 

If you enjoy a good bottle of wine, or maybe you even collect wine, then don’t miss out on the chance to include a custom wine cellar in your new home build. These spaces aren’t just practical and convenient for storing wine, but they’re often show-stoppers visually and great conversation-starters for when you have guests visiting. This stunning and intimate backdrop can also make for the perfect at-home date night for you and your spouse.

3. Sound System

Although the exterior of a coastal home tends to be painted in blues, greens, or even yellows to emulate the beautiful scenery and sunsets we witness in the Hampton Roads, the interiors of these homes truly focus on bringing outdoor sunshine in.

By utilizing large windows, light cabinetry, soothing paints, and clean countertops, the interior of your home will always feel just as cheerful and bright as a day spent at the beach. By bringing the outdoors in, coastal homes allow you to enjoy your surroundings that you so dearly love from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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4. Entertainment Space 

Speaking of entertainment, let’s not forget the opportunities you have when building a home to optimize rooms for your hobbies. Maybe you and your family enjoy watching movies together and would love to add a home theatre, or maybe a game room would be more your style. Whatever it is, we at K.M. Cash Construction can make it happen.

5. Hotel-like Foyers

If you’re focused on adding luxury to the overall appearance of your new home, then don’t skip over creating a grand entrance. Set a great first impression for whoever walks through the door by creating a beautiful and hotel-like foyer with a large staircase or statement tile on the floor.

There are so many ways to make a big design impact in this space.

Call us at K.M. Cash Construction today to build your new custom home, infused with luxury design features, so you can enjoy the Hampton Roads in style. Contact us at (757) 278-4036.

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